Testenglish has a variety of board requests with families. The most popular is full board. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. The majority of our student's groups will request this.Adult students may request half board (no lunch) £140 per week


You will be informed of your student's dietary requests before booking. Apex will always inform families before booking a student.

Host Family Information 

             Host Pay

Testenglish pays £140 - £150 per student per week to all families. 

Testenglish prides themselves on ensuring our students have sole interaction with their family. We will only provide one nationality per family to ensure their focus is to speak English. 

Accommodation Requirements

Each student must have their own bed. Students are allowed to share rooms if of the same Gender. Some groups will request single rooms.

Storage for their clothes is a must, and a desk to work on. If there is no desk in the bedroom students must be allowed to use another table in the house.

Rooms are expected to be clean, tidy and welcoming for the student.


Families are required to collect and drop off their students with their luggage.

Students will make their own way to lessons & work by either walking or public transport. 

Call us:

(+33) 669370470